The various tasks carried out by an accounts department are ideally suited for the range of roles WMYOB can carry out for your company. In times of sickness, holiday or just extra work pressure, WMYOB's staff can be thrown at any level of problem your company may have.

With years experience in Management Accounting, WMYOB's skills encompass all aspects of company and Group accounting, incorporating the following:
  •    Full preparation of Statutory and Management Accounts for companies and groups.
  •    Full preparation of Business Plans, Rolling Forecasts and Cash-flows
  •    Preparation of figures for and negotiation with tax authorities
  •   Maintenance of all basic ledgers, sales, purchase, nominal, cash book etc


Production Accounting is suited to the help WMYOB can give both on a short term basis, as above, but also if help is needed on a project basis e.g. as production accountant on a particular production. With 18 years experience in Production Accounting, the areas WMYOB can help your company are as follows:
  •    Preparation of Production budgets
  •    Negotiation with broadcasters regarding budgets, cash-flow, secondary rights
  •    Full Production accounting and reporting internally and to broadcasters.


Royalty accounting ranges from simply letting figures feed through a spreadsheet to create amounts due, through to being part of the legal negotiation and ensuring that the company gain the greatest possible net revenue from any particular situation. WMYOB can offer18 years experience in the more advanced side of Royalty Accounting, encompassing the following:
  •    Creation of wording in contracts with broadcasters and talent for royalty purposes to gain the greatest advantage to the company.
  •    Creation of royalty policy from various contracts.
  •    Preparation of royalty statements for rights holders
  •    Administering, checking and processing royalty statements received.
  •    Successful facing of both hostile and non-hostile royalty audits.
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