The Facilities staff carry out all the tasks that keep an office running, from ensuring that things work, through to ensuring that the environment is conducive to bringing out the best in the staff and the staff are supplied with the comforts that make their working lives more enjoyable.

The team can also be applied to specific projects, where the requirement for runner services can vary between zero to as many as possible from one day to the next. An example of the tasks carried out by the Facilities staff is as follows:

  •    Purchasing of all goods and services, checking and approval of subsequent delivery notes and invoices.
  •    Fault fixing, handyman basics to both buildings and office machinery (photocopiers, TV’s, Videos) and upgrading to third party help.
  •    Interaction and negotiation with all third party suppliers who service the office.
  •    Monitoring and controlling all stock levels from stationery to food.
  •    Organising meeting rooms and any necessary refreshments.
  •    Handling of all incoming and outgoing post/parcels etc – weighing, franking etc.
  •    Assisting with any general administration work, i.e. photocopying, binding, faxing etc.
  •    Dealing with any adhoc faults or requests issued by staff members or Management.
  •    Maintaining the security of the premises.
  •    Administration of all archive and storage material and facilities
  •    Office moves, fit-outs and decoration
  •    Office furniture – fixing current and purchasing new
  •    Telephone system maintenance, voicemail, music on hold etc
  •    Setting-up/clearing work stations for new starters/leavers
  •    Inductions of new staff to explain all Company procedures and Health and Safety information, carrying out DSE risk assessments etc.
  •    Fire safety – carrying out regular weekly/monthly checks, and necessary paper work.


Whether your company is growing or contracting, or whether you are coming to the end of your lease and plan to move elsewhere, the process of finding, negotiating and then moving into a new office is both laborious and fraught with potential elephant traps, whether these be legal, to do with the communications structure or planning the move to have as little down time as possible. WMYOB have years of experience in carrying out the process from start to finish for both long and short term leases, ensuring that the user experiences as little disruption as possible.
  •    Finding the most appropriate office to suit the company’s need
  •    Negotiation with landlords, agents, surveyors, the council
  •    Negotiation of all leases
  •    Arranging of any planning permission, licences for alterations
  •    Arranging all data and telephone links to allow full redundancy
  •    Planning and arranging for all amenities from water through to wiring
  •    Planning the most appropriate office layout for the company’s purposes
  •    Arranging & carrying out office move to suit company’s schedules.



Need to move your office across town? Or do you just need to get some furniture out of storage? WMYOBL has a 7-seater VW Caravelle which, with its seats removed, can carry a considerable amount of your furniture, equipment or boxes to their desired destination.

Our staff have carried out numerous moves, from the very basic a to b, through to setting your computers, phones and copiers up at the other end and testing them. We’ll fit into your requirements.
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