We have long experience in supplying IT services. Unlike most IT companies, we have no affiliation to any one supplier and as such will be able to advise you on the best strategy for your company with impartiality. – It all depends on your requirements.

You may wish to have an integration of e-mail and other key applications, which requires a groupware solution from IBM. Or if you wish to just have e-mail, a Microsoft solution could make sense.

Or you may wish to work with remote servers through a web browser rather than a local area network. We are currently doing this successfully with our Australian based operation.

Whichever route you choose, we are very accomplished at it. We will maintain your servers, PC’s etc, protect the company’s data through a rigorous series of backup controls and help users with presentation software, often creating the more software intensive elements of the presentation ourselves. A range of our services includes:
  •    Server maintenance and fault fixing
  •    Individual PC, laptop, screen and printer maintenance and fixing
  •    Backup of data and off-site storage & restoring of data.
  •    Server replication and mirroring
  •    Setting up of new servers & systems
  •    Setting up Blackberry servers and users
  •    Administration and Development of Notes Databases
  •    Setting up, configuring and maintenance of remote access connectivity
  •    Configuring PC’s to new users
  •    Inductions of new staff so they have a basic understanding of how to use the company’s systems.
  •    Administration of anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware & anti-malware firewalls/software
  •    Data recovery
  •    Administration of Active Directory with Group policies for software installation and user settings
  •    Setup and administration of FTP server.
  •    Setup and administration of webmail and minor websites
  •    Administration of SQL server for Access Accounts, Payroll & QED
  •    Basic administration, backup and restore of Access Accounts.
  •    Converting and editing of media files for presentations, pitches and production purposes, burning CD’s etc
  •    Basic Flash programming
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