Payroll is the administrative function of a business most frequently outsourced due to a number of factors.

- tending to take up only a few days a month, it is ripe for outsourcing.
- it requires specialist knowledge.
- due to the sensitive nature of the role, considerable attention to detail is required.
- outsourcing payroll allows a company more flexibility in choosing their staff as they are not tied to someone who happens to know payroll.


With 28 years of payroll in a number of companies, WMYOB have a solid grounding in payroll both in a computerised and manual environment.

Many operators of payroll only know how to input details to a box and report what comes out the other end, which is unsatisfactory where someone chooses to question their tax treatment.

The range of services offered are as follows:
  •    Collection and maintenance of raw data,
  •    Preparation of monthly and weekly payroll
  •    Processing payments and sending payslips
  •    Processing of starters and leavers
  •    Monthly reporting and payment processing to tax authorities
  •   Annual reporting to tax authorities and P60's & P11D's to staff
  •    Reports to management for staff reviews
  •    Maintenance and correspondence with third parties regarding pensions, private medical insurance, permanent health insurance, death in service insurance.
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