Our credits

This is just a small sample of the productions that our team has worked on

Bad Dinosaurs (2024) Snafu Pictures. Production Accounting, Payroll, Bookkeeping

The Jury: Murder Trial (2024) Screendog Productions. Production Accounting

Big Boys series 2 (2024) Roughcut TV. Production Accounting, Bookkeeping, Cast Payroll

Best Interests (2023) Chapter One Pictures. Production Accounting

The Gallows Pole (2023) Element Pictures. Production Accounting, Payroll

Adele’s 30 Greatest Moments (2023) Honey Bee Productions. Production Accounting, Bookkeeping

Steeltown Murders (2023) Severn Screen. Production Accounting, Cast Payroll

Everything Now (2023) Left Bank Pictures. Production Accounting, Payroll

The Mormons Are Coming (2023) Peggy Pictures. Production Accounting, Bookkeeping

Craith (Hidden) 3 (2022) Severn Screen, Production Accounting, Bookkeeping

Riches (2022) Greenacre Films. Production Accounting

Attack of the Hollywood Cliches (2022) Broke & Bones. Production Accounting

I Am… (2022) Me+You Productions. Production Accounting, Bookkeeping

Death to 2021 (2021) Broke & Bones. Production Accounting, Payroll

Let Me Go (2017) Evolutionary Films. Production Accounting, Payroll

Married at First Sight UK (2015-) CPL Productions. Production Payroll

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