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Mark Hopkins

as Managing Director
In setting up We'll Mind Your Own Business, Mark merged the financial probity learned at KPMG with the dynamic can-do creativity at Celador (where his roles ranged from FD through to COO), to create a service that is a powerful combination of strong controls and out of the box dynamism. Mark has made a point of building the company around this image, and is incredibly proud of the team, not only because of their proficiency and professional skills, but because of their personalities and that wonderful spark they all possess, which drives them to providing the best service they possibly can, in a pleasure-to-know manner.

Jacqueline Hopkins

as Company Director
Having run the payroll and IT departments for the majority of her 12 years at Celador, presiding over the crucial IT function during the heady days of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, Jackie co-founded We’ll Mind Your Own Business and continues to oversee the Payroll and IT functions, although now from a bit of a distance following the birth of her and Mark’s daughter Alyssa.

Ecaterina G.

as Practice Manager
Ecaterina is originally from Romania, where she achieved a degree in Finance. She used to fence as a child and was a huge fan of the Romanian national team, she no longer fences, but does still support Romania whenever they play.

Tom A.

as Commercial and Operations Manager
Tom, originally from Jersey, joined us from the University of Bath in 2016, having studied Economics and Politics there. People often think he has a lisp because when he introduces himself as Tom Ash, they think he means Thomas! He hasn't got a lisp, by the way, but does support Crystal Palace.

Rasa R.

as Senior Manager
Home for Rasa is Lithuania, where she achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and a MSc in Business Innovations. She is ACCA qualified. Rasa likes travelling, skiing, parachute-jumping, volleyball and Formula 1 (not all at the same time, we suppose).

Olga D.

as Senior Accounts and Payroll Manager
Olga is from Latvia, where she studied Business Administration. She juggles full-time work with studying for her professional qualifications – as well as family, husband and son! She’s passionate about numbers, but also loves yoga, travelling, dance, reading and painting.

Arilda S.

as Junior Accountant
Before joining us in 2015, Arilda achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy. Originally from Albania, Arilda sees being part of WMYOB family as providing a great opportunity both for her career and her work-life balance. Arilda loves swimming and reading (we assume not at the same time). Her maxim is “never get so busy in making a living that you forget to make a life”!

Edyta M.

as Production Account Assistant Manager
Edyta comes from Poland, where she achieved a degree in Economics. As well as being a bookkeeper, Edyta is a mother, student, school fundraiser and book-lover. You might also imagine from her photo that she is known for her sense of humour…

Cristina I.

as Bookkeeper
Cristina is an AAT qualified accountant. When not at work she loves to travel - exploring and discovering new places and experiences. She also loves gardening - only when the UK weather permits though!

Thomas V.

as Financial Analyst
Tom is a recent Graduate from University of Warwick, having achieved a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. When not behind the numbers you can normally find him playing football or cycling!

Sara F.

as Bookkeeper
Sara enjoys nothing more than travelling to new places, often picking up her back-pack with no plans at all! She has so far adopted this approach in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Italy - luckily for us she manages to find her way back home each time!

Anastasiya M.

as Accounts Assistant
Anastasiya loves to travel and has explored all the lovely places within Bulgaria where she is originally from. She loves to meet new people and welcomes the opportunities and challenges that travelling throws at her.

Julija G.

as Account Manager
Julija has a degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Essex. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her best subject at school was maths. These days, when not working, her passion is for travelling.

Madara R.

as Bookkeeper
Madara's home is Latvia, where she has set herself the challenge to enjoy at least one new thing every day!

Elena C.

as Production Account Manager
Elena comes from Romania, where she achieved a Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting. She is often found trying out new activities. So far, she's checked off kayaking, mountain climbing and skiing from her list - next up is apparently parachute-jumping!

Ernesta I.

as Accounts Assistant
Ernesta came to the UK in 2014 from Lithuania, where she earned a degree in Business Economics. She spends most of her spare time running around after her daughter or running around at the gym!

Geanina N.

as Bookkeeper
Geanina, who achieved a Master's Degree in Accounting Informatic Systems in Romania, loves to travel so she can learn about different places, people and cultures; her mantra is that “Life is short and world is wide!”

Lidia A.

as Bookkeeper
Lidia, who comes from Moldova, has Bookkeeping and Accounting certificates from the Newham College in London. Since arriving to London, she has added two parrots to her family!

Emily G.

as Assistant Accountant
Emily, based in Leeds, is currently studying Business Management & Accounting. She has a passion for Classic Japanese cars and therefore you may see her during the summer cruising round in her 1992 Toyota MR2! Emily also shares her home with 2 bunnies called Beatrice and Clive, a Miniature Jack Russel - Lillie and a cat called Magic!

Ivana N.

as Assistant Accountant
Ivana is originally from Croatia, moved to Hastings in 2020. Ivana completed her Bachelor's Degree in accounting in Croatia. She worked in 3 fortune 200 companies. Ivana loves to travel and has lived in different countries. She enjoys yoga and lives a healthy lifestyle, also loves to shop!

Anna N.

as Bookkeeper
Anna comes from Poland! She loves reading books and spending time with her family!

Jade C.

as Accounts Assistant
Jade gained a Certificate of Higher Education in Mathematics at The University of Brighton and is currently studying towards her AAT qualification. She loves anything comedy and musical theatre and often attends stand up shows or west end musicals. She is also trying her hand at writing a sitcom in her spare time! Jade most enjoy spending time with the family and cherishing the little things in life.

George H.

as Senior Account Manager
George is from London and loves Formula 1 and scuba diving! He has eaten a Mars bar 30 meters deep whilst diving, it tastes salty and sweet at the same time!

Anna S.

as Assistant Accountant
Anna loves all things nature, and is often found hiking and camping with her family. And if her family of five weren't keeping her busy enough, she has added a Beagle named Hunter to the mix and 44 indoor plants to attend to!

Iryna N.

as Accounts Assistant
Iryna was born and bred in Ukraine. She currently lives in Kyiv with her family and golden retriever. A lover of all things creative, Iryna enjoys cooking and painting, though says her creativity doesn't stretch to her singing abilities!

Ausra S.

as Accounts Assistant
Ausra has a diploma in Accounting and Business and also Financial and Managment Accounting. She is currently studying towards completion of ACCA qualification. She is passionate about fitness - even opened a small business of fitness wear and accessories! Ausra loves travelling and cooking and taking on new challenges to strengthen her mind!

Anna V.

as Accounts Manager
Anna was born in Latvia and spent ten years living in Ireland before returning to be near family and escape the Irish weather! She is really good at planning and organising but, in her own words, really bad at sports.

Simon T.

as Account Manager
Originally from Manchester, Simon studied in Madrid before training to work as a Financial Controller. Working for Boeing allowed to him achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a commercial pilot and working for many years across different airlines before returning to accounting. He now lives in East Sussex with his family and spends his spare time tinkering with classic cars and motorbikes.

Silva H.

as Head of Film & TV
Silva comes from Latvia but has been at WMYOB in London since 2012. She throws herself into travelling and sports with the same enthusiasm she brings to her number-crunching (which, apparently, she enjoys!).

Beatriz S.

as Senior Production Account Manager
Beatriz comes from Spain, having achieved a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Business Administration there. She loves travelling and sports, plus meeting people and helping others, which is why she loves working at WMYOB, where we are at the service of our clients and can help them in every way we can. She loves the close relationship we have with our clients and our flexibility which mirrors her own lifestyle and means she couldn’t be more proud of the values we represent and our way of working.

Isabella M.

as Production Account Manager
Isabella comes from Italy, where she achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Specialist Degree in Professional Business Consulting and completed her Chartered Accountant exams. She has been in the UK for 3 years. Working at WMYOB gives her the opportunity to learn and be herself.

Karolina J.

as Senior Production Account Manager
Karolina juggles work with being a busy mum – to a cat and dog as well as a daughter! – but still finds time to go to gigs and rock music festivals…

Baiba D.

as Production Accountant
Originally from Latvia, before moving to the UK for 10 years, Baiba now finds herself working from British Columbia in Canada. She loves working at WMYOB sighting the desire to always find a solution and the friendly working environment as just two of the reasons for this. And when not working, Baiba can be found on the ski slopes and hiking around the mountains - and avoiding grizzlies.

Daniela D.

as Assistant Production Accountant
Daniela joined WMYOB in 2019, having previously achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Public Accounting. When not at work Daniela can be found swimming and smashing aces on the Tennis Court.

Silvia C.

as Production/Accounts Assistant
Silvia from Moldova achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and a MSc in Financial Banking Management. You might think that by the end of the work day she has had enough of numbers, but numbers are her thing. Silvia loves puzzles, especially logic puzzles such as Sudoku.

Diana C.

as Production Account Manager
Diana hails from Romania and kindly describes the WMYOB Team as “Just awesome!”. She has a talent for picking up new languages easily and next on her list to learn is Chinese.

Hannah P.

as Junior Production Account Manager
Hannah grew up in Sunderland in the north of England. She loves travelling and is often planning her next trip - she has visited every continent! If she isn't putting on her backpack you'll probably find her watching the football.

Rufus H.

as Junior Payroll Manager, Cast & Crew
Rufus has recently returned from a sabbatical travelling around Asia! He studied Computer Science at University of Bath and has always loved all things numbers and was disappointed to learn that there were areas of mathematics that involved less of them! He is a huge Liverpool fan and can boast that he has scored at Anfield; 3 times in fact.

Kate C.

as Assistant Accountant
Kate grew up in Cardiff and has recently returned having spent the past seven years living in Dublin. She is a pro at Killer Sudoku and also plays for her local baseball team - which has different rules to American baseball!

Khrystyna N.

as Head of Payroll
Originally from Ukraine, Khrystyna achieved an MBA in Business Administration. She has been with the company for over 7 years and has been involved in every division of the business but has now settled as Head of Payroll and Business Development.

Jasmine A.

as Payroll Manager/Commercial Assistant Manager
Jasmine is a CIPP certified Payroll Technician and she also has AAT Level 2 qualification. Born in the UK, Jasmine loves all kinds of Latin dancing and performs with a Bachata Dance team.

Hayley M.

as Payroll Manager
Hayley has a CIPP Certified Foundation Degree in Payroll Management and a CIPD level 3 in HR. For her sins Hayley is a Crewe Alexander FC season ticket holder and shareholder! Hayley has two princess dogs called Joyce & Boo!

Julie T.

as Payroll Administrator
When not found in Sunny Hastings, Julie will likely be travelling. She has even volunteered on a game reserve in South Africa where she helped rescue and take care of a orphaned Rhino calf.

Megg T

as Payroll Assistant
Originally from Brazil, Megg grew up in a lovely warm coastal city called, Natal. She relocated to the UK in 2020 choosing to settle in another seaside town - although we haven't been able to offer quite the same weather!

Dana P.

as Payroll Assistant
Dana lives in the UK but is originally from Ukraine. As well as being a stickler for good timing, she loves to read and paint and hopes to continue to continue to develop her career in payroll.

Business Support and Administration

Gabrielle F.

as Business Support Manager
Home is East Sussex, but from choice, Gabrielle's to be found in exotic places like Bali, Borneo, Iceland - and has even trekked across the Jordanian desert for charity. She's looking out for the next challenge!

Chloe W.

as Executive Assistant to MD
The East Sussex coast has always been home for Chloe. When she wasn’t on stage she could be found working behind the scenes and has previously been known to double up as a children's party princess. As well as making a top chilli con carne, she now spend most of her time at music concerts, exploring castles and expanses of woodland or in a sunny pub garden.

Malgorzata W.

as Business Support Administrator
After completing a BA in Filmmaking and an MSc in Project Management, Malgorzata worked as a freelancer in film and TV production in the UK until she joined WMYOB. When not working on processes or organising tasks, she develops her passion for storytelling, both as a reader and writer, and enjoys wandering the Welsh countryside.

Stuart S.

as IT Technical Support Officer
Stuart has been with the Company since Day One. Famed for his spectacular hairstyle and his love of Goth Music, having produced it, played in bands, and - rumour has it – even his voice has been heard on some tracks!
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